Picking the Right Color of Shingles For Your Home

The color of your roof or shingles should blend with your exterior walls, garden, landscaping, and your natural surroundings. A roof reflects the homeowner's personality, and one can create a welcoming and warm vibe as well as a dramatic statement with the color of the roof. A homeowner can opt-in for contemporary urban chic or exude traditional elegance. Choosing the right color for your roofing makes a great first impression to enhance your home's curb appeal and it can potentially boost your home's resale value. When choosing the right color of roofing for you, remember that geography and climate matters. Having a lighter-colored roofing with special algae-resistant granules helps in inhibit unsightly black streaks, and provides a cooler interior as it reflects more light, thus heat is minimally absorbed inside the home. Visit this link to check out siding contractors Raleigh NC .

If you your home is located in the countryside, consider choosing a roof in shades of brown, green or grey to achieve harmony with the natural environment of the evergreens and the sea. The shingle colors for cream or beige-colored houses include grey, brown, blue, and green in solid colors are the best. Almost any color of shingles looks fantastic on white-colored houses. The shingle colors for weathered log or wood houses include grey, green, brown, and black, and you may consider choosing shingles with a high-definition profile to capture the natural look of wood shakes. It is important to consider the architectural style of your home when selecting the best shingle color for your home. Always choose a color of your roof that complements yet contrasts with the exterior elements of your home regardless of the style of home you have. Choosing dark grey, brown, dark green, dark blue, or black in solid colors of varying shades are best for a home with Queen Anne, Colonial, Victorian, Plantation, and other historical homes because it mimics the natural look of slate tiles. You should be careful mixing patterns most especially if the color of the facing and the shingles are in contrast.

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